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Great Big Fan of the Month

And the winner is.......

Fran E.

Here is what everyone had to say about Fran:

I would like to nominate Fran E. for fan of the month. Not only for her GREAT reviews and pictures, but for putting up a Great Big Sea homepage in Boston...That is a true Great Big Sea fan there... She has worked hard over the last couple of weeks, so I think she should get it..

I just love Sarah for the T-shirts and of course Joe for keeping the chat going, but Fran gets my vote for all her hard work spreading the word in Boston and the US.

I think Fran is a GREAT choice for Fan of the Month. She has put together the first US web site and has been doing a tremendous job of promoting and spreading the word about GBS in and around the Boston area. It has been GREAT hearing her reviews and seeing the pictures from the US Tour!! Go Fran!!!